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RuntimeServiceCanCancelProcessInstance Method

Verify if the user can cancel a process instance

Namespace:  Advantys.Workflow.Web.Services.Processes.Runtime
Assembly:  Advantys.Workflow.Web.Services.Processes.Runtime (in Advantys.Workflow.Web.Services.Processes.Runtime.dll) Version: (
public bool CanCancelProcessInstance(
	int processInstanceId,
	bool isSuperUserMode


Type: SystemInt32
ID of the request to cancel.
Type: SystemBoolean
Indicates to run in super user mode.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True if the user can cancel the request
Available since WorkflowGen version: 5.6.4

Only requests belonging to the connected user can be verified if he is allowed to cancel when isSuperUserMode is false.

Optional Parameters.

These parameters can be used in the query string or as parameters of the SOAP headers (see examples for more information).

delegateUsername (string)Specifies the delegate username for delegation mode.
impersonateUsername (string)Username to use for impersonation. Operation is available for allowed users only.

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