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RuntimeServiceDeleteParticipant Method

Deletes a participant.

Namespace:  Advantys.Workflow.Web.Services.Processes.Runtime
Assembly:  Advantys.Workflow.Web.Services.Processes.Runtime (in Advantys.Workflow.Web.Services.Processes.Runtime.dll) Version: (
public void DeleteParticipant(
	string participantName


Type: SystemString
Available since WorkflowGen version: 6.2.0

Optional Parameters.

These parameters can be used in the query string or as parameters of the Headers object in the RuntimeService class instance. See example below.

ParticipantId (int)Specifies the Id of the participant to delete. Supersedes the participant name.
ProcessId (int)Specifies the Id of the process the participant is linked to. Supersedes a combination of process name and process version.
ProcessName (string)Specifies the name of the process the participant is linked.
ProcessVersion (int)Specifies the version of the process the participant is linked.
Sample code:
RuntimeServiceWebService.RuntimeService myRuntimeService = new RuntimeServiceWebService.RuntimeService();
RuntimeServiceWebService.ParticipantHeader myParticipantHeader = new RuntimeServiceWebService.ParticipantHeader();
myRuntimeService.ParticipantHeaderValue = myParticipantHeader;

myParticipantHeader.ParticipantId = participantId;
myParticipantHeader.ProcessId = processId;


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