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HtmlNodeCollection Class

Represents a combined list and collection of HTML nodes.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  WorkflowGen.My.HtmlAgilityPack
Assembly:  WorkflowGen.My (in WorkflowGen.My.dll) Version: (
public class HtmlNodeCollection : IList<HtmlNode>, 
	ICollection<HtmlNode>, IEnumerable<HtmlNode>, IEnumerable

The HtmlNodeCollection type exposes the following members.

Public methodHtmlNodeCollection
Initialize the HtmlNodeCollection with the base parent node
Public methodAdd
Add node to the collection
Public methodAppend
Add node to the end of the collection
Public methodClear
Clears out the collection of HtmlNodes. Removes each nodes reference to parentnode, nextnode and prevnode
Public methodContains
Gets existence of node in collection
Public methodCopyTo
Copy collection to array
Public methodDescendants
Get all node descended from this collection
Public methodDescendants(String)
Get all node descended from this collection with matching name
Public methodElements
Gets all first generation elements in collection
Public methodElements(String)
Gets all first generation elements matching name
Public methodFindFirst(String)
Get first instance of node with name
Public methodStatic memberFindFirst(HtmlNodeCollection, String)
Get first instance of node in supplied collection
Public methodGetNodeIndex
Get index of node
Public methodIndexOf
Get index of node
Public methodInsert
Insert node at index
Public methodNodes
All first generation nodes in collection
Public methodPrepend
Add node to the beginning of the collection
Public methodRemove(Int32)
Remove node at index
Public methodRemove(HtmlNode)
Remove node
Public methodRemoveAt
Remove HtmlNode at index
Public methodReplace
Replace node at index
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