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WorkflowGen.My.HtmlAgilityPack Namespace

Public classCrc32
A utility class to compute CRC32.
Public classHtmlAttribute
Represents an HTML attribute.
Public classHtmlAttributeCollection
Represents a combined list and collection of HTML nodes.
Public classHtmlCommentNode
Represents an HTML comment.
Public classHtmlDocument
Represents a complete HTML document.
Public classHtmlEntity
A utility class to replace special characters by entities and vice-versa. Follows HTML 4.0 specification found at
Public classHtmlNode
Represents an HTML node.
Public classHtmlNodeCollection
Represents a combined list and collection of HTML nodes.
Public classHtmlNodeNavigator
Represents an HTML navigator on an HTML document seen as a data store.
Public classHtmlParseError
Represents a parsing error found during document parsing.
Public classHtmlTextNode
Represents an HTML text node.
Public classHtmlWeb
A utility class to get HTML document from HTTP.
Public classHtmlWebException
Represents an exception thrown by the HtmlWeb utility class.
Public classMixedCodeDocument
Represents a document with mixed code and text. ASP, ASPX, JSP, are good example of such documents.
Public classMixedCodeDocumentCodeFragment
Represents a fragment of code in a mixed code document.
Public classMixedCodeDocumentFragment
Represents a base class for fragments in a mixed code document.
Public classMixedCodeDocumentFragmentList
Represents a list of mixed code fragments.
Public classMixedCodeDocumentFragmentListMixedCodeDocumentFragmentEnumerator
Represents a fragment enumerator.
Public classMixedCodeDocumentTextFragment
Represents a fragment of text in a mixed code document.
Public delegateHtmlWebPostResponseHandler
Represents the method that will handle the PostResponse event.
Public delegateHtmlWebPreHandleDocumentHandler
Represents the method that will handle the PreHandleDocument event.
Public delegateHtmlWebPreRequestHandler
Represents the method that will handle the PreRequest event.
Public enumerationAttributeValueQuote
An Enum representing different types of Quotes used for surrounding attribute values
Public enumerationHtmlElementFlag
Flags that describe the behavior of an Element node.
Public enumerationHtmlNodeType
Represents the type of a node.
Public enumerationHtmlParseErrorCode
Represents the type of parsing error.
Public enumerationMixedCodeDocumentFragmentType
Represents the type of fragment in a mixed code document.