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HtmlAttribute Class

Represents an HTML attribute.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  WorkflowGen.My.HtmlAgilityPack
Assembly:  WorkflowGen.My (in WorkflowGen.My.dll) Version: (
public class HtmlAttribute : IComparable

The HtmlAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public propertyLine
Gets the line number of this attribute in the document.
Public propertyLinePosition
Gets the column number of this attribute in the document.
Public propertyName
Gets the qualified name of the attribute.
Public propertyOriginalName
Name of attribute with original case
Public propertyOwnerDocument
Gets the HTML document to which this attribute belongs.
Public propertyOwnerNode
Gets the HTML node to which this attribute belongs.
Public propertyQuoteType
Specifies what type of quote the data should be wrapped in
Public propertyStreamPosition
Gets the stream position of this attribute in the document, relative to the start of the document.
Public propertyValue
Gets or sets the value of the attribute.
Public propertyXPath
Gets a valid XPath string that points to this Attribute
Public methodClone
Creates a duplicate of this attribute.
Public methodCompareTo
Compares the current instance with another attribute. Comparison is based on attributes' name.
Public methodRemove
Removes this attribute from it's parents collection
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